Covid Safe Physio

We’re pleased to be able to see you again in person.  We’ve worked hard behind the scenes to ensure we see you in a “Covid secure” environment, so there are a few changes that you will notice.

We will continue to offer and encourage virtual sessions for those where the risk of attendance isn’t justified, for instance in those deemed clinically vulnerable.

Before your appointment 

Prior to booking you will be asked some screening questions.

  • Do you have – or have had in the past 7 days – any fever, cough or loss of smell. If answer yes, we cannot offer face to face appointments.
  • Are you classified as Clinically Vulnerable? If yes, you will require an initial remote consultation to determine if a face to face consultation is required.

Arriving at the clinic

  • We ask you not to arrive no more than 5 minutes before your appointment time, and to wear a face covering on arrival. You will also be able to sanitise your hands.
  • We ask that all keys, phones etc are kept in bags or pockets.
  • Please bring appropriate clothing as we are currently unable to provide any shorts.
  • Physical distance guidance shall be observed at all times, with patients guided to separate waiting areas if needed.
  • All non-cleanable objects have be removed. Eg magazines, business cards etc. 

Your physio session

  • Each appointment will be followed by a 10 minute break to enable cleaning and to avoid contact between patients.
  • PPE will be worn by all physios in accordance with PHE guidelines.
  • All fabric surfaces have been removed, and all rooms are cleaned between appointments.

Leaving the clinic

You are now able to pay for your sessions in person or online (square, paypal, or bank transfer), however we are no longer accepting cash or cheque.

Bookings can continue to be made in person or via email or phone.


At this stage we remain unable to offer massage, training, or Pilates appointments.